Virtual Events


This year, we will offer 12 digital real-time lectures given by DZL-Senior Scientists who will talk about current research topics. Each lecture will be chaired by one senior DZL scientist and one DZL Academy Fellow. You can  register for the lectures using the diplayed "Registration" Links.

Lectures start at 5pm on the dates shown below.

Previous lectures


During the virtual Meet-the-Expert event, leading scientists are going to talk about their professional achievements and career paths. Afterwards, the chat-function will allow Academy Fellows to pose questions directly with regard to scientific topic and career path choices. For the upcoming sessions, the focus will be on getting to know the chairman of the DZL and members of the DZL Scientific Advisory Board.






Prof. Dr. Peter König & Prof. Dr. Gereon Hüttmann (ARCN) Optical coherence microscopy

Chairs: Dr. rer. nat. Gerald Burgstaller (CPC-M) / M.Sc. Christina Hildebrand (BREATH)

This lecture will briefly introduce the principles and technology of OCM in the context of other microscopy methods. I will then address applications in pulmonary research and the potential for clinical diagnosis by presenting our work and the work of several international groups. The lecture concludes with a brief glimpse into the future. It is addressed to early career scientists interested in upcoming optical technologies for imaging and diagnosis.



Prof. Dr. med. Martin Reck (ARCN) & Prof. Dr. Rajkumar Savai (UGMLC) Chatter in the lung microenvironment: How cellular cross-talks contributes to lung cancer progression

Chairs: .... / ... 

This presentation will provide novel data on joint and distinct signaling pathways and mediators involved cellular crosstalk that contribute to cancer development in the lung and discuss how these can be targeted as therapeutics in the lung.