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In 2022, the DZL Academy will organize virtual block lectures in one afternoon at two-monthly intervals, addressing a specific lung research topic. The talks will be presented by internal and / or external speakers and further information about the speakers and lecture content will be announced in due course here and via e-mail to all Academy fellows.


Lectures 2021



19. September Lung Cancer: a paradigm for applied technological advances to serve precision medicine
November Novel Targets in Lung Toxicology


19. September, 15:00 Uhr 

Lung Cancer: a paradigm for applied technological advances to serve precision medicine

1. Translational Research: 40 years’ worth of experiences moving science from the bench to 1st in human clinical trials of immunotherapy and gene therapy
Dr. Bernard Fox (Chair of the Molecular and Tumor Immunology Laboratory at Providence Cancer Institute, Oregon, USA)

2. Challenges in daily clinical practice - which multimodal therapy concept is appropriate?
Dr. med. Laura Klotz (Clinician Scientist, Thorax Clinic, Heidelberg)

3. High-throughput characterization of the TP53 mutome using saturating CRISPR mutagenesis as tool for precision medicine?
Juliane Funk (PhD student, University of Marburg)

4. Recent technical advances bearing the potential for improved patient stratification and prognosis
Dr. Sebastian Marwitz (Postdoc, Research Center Borstel)


Previous Lectures 2022

27. July, 15:00 Uhr 

Lung injury and repair after viral infections: Implications for future therapy

1. Macrophage (re-)programming in viral pneumonia: Role in lung injury and stem-cell-mediated repair
Prof. Dr. Susanne Herold (Professor for Pulmonary Infections at UGMLC)

2. Lung endothelial barrier failure in ARDS, pneumonia and COVID-19 – pathomechanisms and potential therapeutic targets
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kübler (Director of the Institute of Physiology, Charité - Berlin)



20. April

Single cell RNA-seq in ILD - from recent discoveries to new therapeutic approaches

15:00 Speaker Introduction
Nataliia Artyisch (PhD candidate, DZL Academy Fellow at BREATH)

15:05 Clinical aspects of interstitial lung disease
Jonas Schupp (Dr. med., DZL PI, BREATH)

15:25 Towards a single cell roadmap to pulmonary fibrosis therapeutics
Naftali Kaminski (Professor of Medicine, MD, Yale School of Medicine, USA)

15:45 Q&A
Chair: Nataliia Artyisch (PhD candidate, DZL Academy Fellow at BREATH)

16:00 Endothelial single cell biology in health and lung fibrosis
Jonas Schupp (Dr. med., DZL PI, BREATH)

16:20 Q&A
Chair: Da-Hee Park (Dr. med., DZL Academy Fellow at BREATH)

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