Biobanking & Data Management Platform

The aim of the DZL Biobanking Platform is the SOP-based acquisition, processing, collection, and storage of biomaterial as well as the collection of associated clinical data from the most diverse pulmonary disease areas in compliance with all necessary legal standards. Both scientists within the DZL and external cooperation partners should be able to access biomaterial and data easily and in compliance with the rules. In terms of quality management, the harmonization of ethical and legal documents, data protection concepts, and standard operating procedures associated with quality control and data management is a key objective of all DZL sites.

Scientific Coordinators

Prof. Dr. Andreas Günther (UGMLC)
Dr. Thomas Muley (TLRC)

Administrative  Coordinator

Dr. Jutta Schlegel  (UGMLC)

Central Biobanking Management

Dr. Clemens Ruppert (UGMLC)

Central Data Management

Raphael Majeed (UGMLC)

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News about Biobanking & Data Management Platform 

20. July 2020

How Pulmonary Alveoli Regenerate

DZL researchers have discovered a new stem cell state and been able to decode cellular hierarchy dur-ing alveolar regeneration following injury.
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30. September 2017

Erwin Schrödinger Prize awarded to DZL Scientist Fabian Theis and team

Theis and colleagues have shown how data from individual blood stem cells can be used to determine their fate...

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9. December 2014

Prof. Roland Eils Receives HMLS Investigator Award

DZL PI Prof. Dr. Roland Eils receives the Heidelberg Molecular Life Sciences Investigator Award.

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