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Imaging Platform

DZL scientists have access to a wide range of innovative imaging approaches in microscopy and radiology to gain improved knowledge of the emergence and development of lung diseases, evaluate the efficacy of drugs, and support drug-discovery processes. The Imaging Platform ensures the availability of different imaging technologies within the DZL and facilitates the use of imaging for research and translation. “Imaging” is understood as the interaction of imaging approaches of various modalities and with different resolutions and dimensions in the preclinical, translational, and clinical fields.

In 2018, the Imaging Platform set the course for the establishment of lung radiomics. Radiomics refers to the use of deep-learning tools to analyze the data of medical imaging (such as CT or MRI), allowing us to define new and complex imaging biomarkers. This opens up completely new approaches to pooling these imaging biomarkers with clinical, biological, and genomic data from clinical practice and sharing this information. On the one hand, this enables us to derive models and simulations; on the other hand, we can predict prognosis and outcomes in an interdisciplinary way. Radiomics and the development of the necessary algorithms and analysis programs are still in the early stages; in the future, however, they will make an important contribution to personalized medicine.

Scientific Coordinators

PD Dr. med. Katharina Abbasi Dezfouli (TLRC)
Prof. Dr. Peter König (ARCN)
Dr. med. Lena Wucherpfennig (TLRC)

Administrative Coordinator

Dr. Birgit Teucher (TLRC)

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