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We invite all students, doctoral candidates and early postdocs of the various DZL principal investigator laboratory groups to become a Fellow of the DZL Academy. Admission to DZL Academy will be renewed on a two-yearly basis. Fellows that leave the DZL or move on to senior positions will be given the opportunity to join the DZL Academy Alumni Community.

If you would like to benefit from DZL Academy and its programs, i. e. DZL Academy Symposia, the DZL Mentoring Program or the DZL Academy Grants, you need to become a DZL Academy Fellow. All DZL Academy Fellows are welcome to contribute shaping the DZL Academy training programs.



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I herewith register with the DZL Academy. I agree to the processing and storage of my personal data for the purpose of sending me information about events and activities of the DZL, the DZL Academy and the DZL Academy Alumni as well as for statistical uses. I am aware that I can withdraw my consent to the storage and usage of my data at any time by sending an e-mail to the DZL Head Office (