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Current Clinical Trials

In cooperation with the Lung Information Service (LIS), the German Center for Lung Research (DZL) offers patients, their families, and interested members of the general public an overview of clinical trials currently conducted by DZL researchers. The internet-based list sets out the objectives, admission criteria, duration, and investigation/treatment methods of each study in a way that is easily understandable. Using this service, interested patients may contact the study sites directly.

Clinical trials are an important component in carrying out research into lung diseases and new therapeutic options. The DZL and the associated university hospitals support clinical trials, enabling patients to take part in the development of novel substances and therapies.
At the DZL study sites, clinical trials on the following medical conditions are currently being conducted:

The platform aims to facilitate patient access to clinical trials and support study recruitment. This list of current studies is updated and extended on a regular basis.

Further Information:

Overview of clinical trials currently conducted by DZL scientists (link to pages of the Lung Information Service)

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