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GoTo Training Plattform

What is it?

Our new GoTo Training Platform contains a collection of links to online-training. The aim is to support you in finding online-training topics and formats that suit your specific needs and help your career development.


Most of the sites will give you access to free online-training opportunities, others may charge a fee, which cannot be refunded by the Academy. If you would like to participate in training that demands payment, please discuss funding options with your supervisor.

Get involved!

We would like this platform to evolve continuously, so please help us in making it a success, by sharing your feedback on the individual courses and by helping us to expand the list further. Send us suggestions for further links or give us feedback on individual courses by email. If a link is not working, please let us also know by email.


Course Overview

In this table you will find training offers (incl. link to the corresponding course). In the column "Topic" you can sort the list according to the desired topics: COVID-19, Respiratory Medicine, Radiology, Non-clinical microscopy, 3D culture methods, Animal Model, Statistical Analysis or Soft Skills.


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