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Lung Environment Interaction

Coordinators: Stefan Karrasch and Susanne Krauss-Etschmann

The working group aims to elucidate the reciprocal relationship between respiratory status and environmental influences to identify both adverse and protective endogeneous and exogeneous factors during lung development and ageing as well as in respiratory disease. Within this framework, the spectrum of considered environmental influences reaches from air pollution, allergens and infectious agents to life style factors such as smoking or physical activity as well as the impact of
medical procedures and treatment. The scope of the working group comprises the investigation of individual (innate or induced) susceptibility regarding effects of environmental factors with potential implications for precision medicine approaches also considering interactions between simultaneously occurring environmental factors with respect to initiation or modification of respiratory impairment and disease. We further aim to define (potentially common) pathophysiological mechanisms of environment-related effects and trajectories in different respiratory disease entities. This also includes application highly sensitive diagnostic approaches to enable deep structural and functional phenotyping and early detection of possible effects by cutting-edge technologies including imaging in
clinical and basic research settings.

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