Programs of DZL Academy

Mobility Grant

DZL Academy Fellows can receive up to 3000 € for scientific exchange or training at another DZL site. Visits to non-DZL labs or participation in workshops within Europe are also supported if certain criteria are met.

Workshops and Courses

DZL Academy Fellows are invited to participate in interdisciplinary workshops organised by the German Centers for Health Research (DZG).

DZL Mentoring

DZL Academy Fellows who take part in this program, will receive targeted mentoring to support their career as future leaders in lung research.

DZL/ERS Fellowship Program

International postgraduate scientists (MD, MSc, PhD, MD-PhD, PhD-Student) can receive long-term fellowships (12-24 months) for visiting a DZL-lab of their choice to carry out research projects in the field of respiratory medicine.

DZL-Site-Specific Graduate Programs

Doctoral students are usually enrolled in the site specific graduate programs at each DZL-site.

DZL Poster Awards

Poster Awards are presented to early career researchers at the DZL Annual Meeting and International DZL Symposia to honour the best quality posters.