Asthma and Allergy

Asthma is the most prevalent chronic respiratory disease in children and is also very common in adults. Although the clinical manifestations of asthma in children and adults are rather uniform (e.g. wheezing, shortness of breath, and cough), population-based clinical and genetic studies suggest that asthma is not one but many diseases. Thus, a single “one-size-fits-all” treatment approach is unlikely to work to tackle this important health problem. In order to design personalized treatment approaches for asthma patients, there is urgent need to elucidate the particular molecular mechanisms underlying the various types of asthma. The decoding of such mechanisms and their translation to the individual patient is the aim of the Disease Area Asthma and Allergy of the DZL.

Scientific Coordinators of the Disease Area

Prof. Dr. Susanne Krauss-Etschmann (ARCN)
Prof. Dr. Erika von Mutius (CPC-M)

Administrativer Coordinator of the Disease Area

Dr. Jörn Bullwinkel (ARCN)

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All Age Asthma Cohort (ALLIANCE)

The ALLIANCE cohort now comprises more than 1,000 patients and healthy subjects aged between six months and 84 years.

News about Asthma and Allergies

5. August 2019

Correlation Found Between miRNAs and Asthma Development

MicroRNAs, also called miRNAs or miR, play an important role in cell communication and affect gene activity in various ways.
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21. March 2019

The Lung Microbiome – the latest ERS Monograph

Studying the lung microbiome requires a specialist approach to sampling, laboratory techniques and statistical analysis.
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20. February 2014

DZL PhD student Lars Lunding honored twice at DGP Annual Congress

DZL PhD student Lars Lunding received two awards at the 55th Annual Congress of the German Respiratory Society.

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