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Who is it for?

We invite all students, doctoral candidates and early postdocs (up to 8 years post-PhD or MD) of the various DZL principal investigator laboratory groups to become a Fellow of the DZL Academy. The 8 year postdoc cut-off for membership in the DZL Academy will be extended for time taken as parental leave or time taken off work to care for family members.

Admission to DZL Academy will be renewed on a two-yearly basis. Fellows that leave the DZL or move on to senior positions will be given the opportunity to join the DZL Academy Alumni Community.

Why should I join?

The training and career support provided by the DZL Academy is only available to those that become an Academy Fellow. Also, all DZL Academy Fellows are welcome to help us shape the various programs on offer.

• Network and collaborate with more than 400 Academy Fellows
• Invitation to events (e.g. Academy Reception, Academy Symposia)
• Mentoring by established members of the DZL academic faculty
• Numerous training opportunities (e.g. workshops, online-training)
• Develop and expand your professional skills

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