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Artificial Intelligence & Digital Tools

Coordinators: Dr. David DeLuca, Prof. Dr. Petra Knaup-Gregori, Prof. Dr. Inke König, Raphael Majeed, Dr. Malte Lücken

Artificial intelligence (AI) including machine learning offers a great opportunity to drastically transform the research landscape; however, it requires embedding into a relevant context such as in the biomedical field, aiming to improve patient health. While large datasets of biomedically in-depth characterized patient cohorts become a reality in large scientific centers such as the German Centers for Health Research (DZG), methods, analytical structures, and interdisciplinarily working experts making use of this wealth of data are often lacking. Therefore, the aim of this newly formed Working Group is to exploit the established infrastructures and data resources of the DZL to successfully apply AI approaches to further advance our basic understanding of lung health and disease. To this end, the DZL will concentrate on two applied research areas, large-scale data analysis of biomedical data and integration of multi-modal imaging, clinical, and biomedical data, while focusing on methodological areas to increase the interpretability and robustness of the developed and applied methods.

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