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Your Donation for Lung Research

Support lung research with donations: With your donation you help to develop new and promising research approaches for the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of lung diseases. Every donation helps! Thanks for your support.

Single Donation or Regular Donations

For a one-time donation transfer or to set up a regular donation transfer, please use the following bank details:

Deutsches Zentrum für Lungenforschung (DZL e. V.)
Volksbank Mittelhessen
IBAN:  DE 93 5139 0000 0012 7821 28

You can be sure that your donation will be used immediately for lung research. With your donation you can support selected research projects or support lung research as a whole. If you would like to donate to a specific project, simply include one of the following keywords in the subject line of the transfer:

100 percent of the donations flow directly into scientific research.

Donations due to a Bereavement

The death of a loved person is a heavy burden. We are therefore very grateful if you think of supporting research in these difficult moments and call for donations for the German Center for Lung Research.

For the obituary notice we recommend the following wording:

"In accordance with the wishes of the deceased we ask you to make a donation to the German Center for Lung Research, Volksbank Mittelhessen, IBAN: DE 93 5139 0000 0012 7821 28, BIC: VBMHDE5F, key word: first and last name of the deceased."

When you call for donations, please ensure that you communicate a keyword for the donation transfers so that we can register the donations received. We would be pleased if you could inform us about your call for donations by sending us a copy of the obituary notice for example.

Approximately six weeks after the event we can provide you with the total amount of donations, if you wish. Please note, that for data protection reasons we are not allowed to send you the names of the donors or individual donation amounts.

Donations can be made tax deductable. If donors provide their names and addresses, they will receive a donation receipt from us.

Donation Receipts

If donors provide their names and addresses, they will receive a donation receipt from us. Please contact us, if you have inadvertently not given your address or wish to have a donation receipt. Please also let us know, if you have not received a confirmation for your donation after more than six weeks.

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