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Coordinators: Sébastien Boutin und Burkhard Tümmler

In the last decades, the fields of microbiome and metagenome have rapidly expanded due to the advance in next generation sequencing. The microbiome encompasses all the micro-organisms (bacteria, archaea, fungi, viruses …) living in the same ecological niches. The primary aim of our working group is to present the technological tools and theoretical knowledge available within the DZL to analyze and interpret microbiome data in the field of lung disease. The workshops will cover ecological and evolutionary models of the establishment and adaptation of the lung microbiome as well as statistical approaches to test hypotheses from metagenomic data. The technical tools and protocols will address every aspect from sampling to sequencing. Altogether, the aim of the group is to help the researchers interested in microbiome studies to set-up their own experimental design and to analyze their datasets.

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