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DZL Scientists Honored at Annual Meeting of the Society for Pediatric Pneumology

News 2021-191 EN

Prof. Dr. Klaus Rabe and Prof. Dr. Tobias Welte received the ‚Ehrenpreis‘ of the Society for Pediatric Pneumology (GPP) for the year 2020 which was awarded for the first time. The DZL directors of ARCN and BREATH, respectively, were honored at the GPP digital annual meeting for their professional and personal commitment for a closer collaboration of GPP and DGP – German Respiratory Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pneumologie und Beatmungsmedizin). Moreover, the GPP appreciates their stance as presidents of DGP and European Respiratory Society (ERS), respectively, on the debate of the detrimental influence of air pollution on lung health, especially in vulnerable populations  as children, elderly and chronically ill persons.

Dr. Markus Weckmann was awarded by GPP and German Lung Foundation (Deutsche Lungenstiftung) with the Johannes Wenner Prize 2020, endowed with 15.000 €. The money is intended for research on treatment of children with lung diseases.

Moreover, two scientists received poster prizes: Dr. Sneha Nemani and – again – Markus Weckmann were awarded for their work on collagen degradation in asthmatics. The project is part of DZL’s ALLIANCE cohort.

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