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A young scientist at DZL wins the PhD thesis prize from the German Lung Foundation

News 2022-04-14 EN

Dr. med. Jannik Ruwisch is one of the youngest new additions in the Department of Respiratory Medicine at Hannover Medical School. However, as a student he was already involved in scientific work at BREATH, the Hannover site of the German Center for Lung Research (DZL), and at the DZL Annual Meeting in 2019 received the Poster Prize for the Disease Area DPLD (diffuse parenchymal lung disease).

In 2021, Jannik Ruwisch completed his doctoral thesis with distinction and for this he received the doctoral thesis award of 1,500 Euros for the best experimental work, which will be presented to him at the upcoming conference of the German Respiratory Society in Leipzig. About his work he writes:

Surfactant Protein C (SP-C) deficiency caused by SFTPC mutations is considered in the technical literature to be a frequently described cause of familial types of interstitial lung diseases, which can manifest themselves in diverse ways. The certainly most well-known and researched entity of the fibrotic lung diseases here is idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), for the development of which mutations in the SFTPC gene normally show a high penetrance.  In my doctoral thesis, I was able to work out that SP-C in vivo plays a decisive role both for the pulmonary surfactant metabolism as well as its function with regard to the pulmonary micromechanics.  In addition, the study was able to demonstrate the age-related effects of a lack of SP-C on the pulmonary structure-function relationship in the early stages of fibrotic remodeling. This leads to the development of a complex murine disease phenotype, characterized by a progressive pseudo-emphysematous increase in air space, impaired pulmonary cholesterol homeostasis and altered plasticity of the local macrophages. These findings underline the existence of a profibrotic, immune mechanical reciprocal axis between altered acinar micromechanics and local immune cells, which occurs at the start of a chronic remodeling process, in the final stages of which a fibrotic remodeling of the murine lung occurs.

Text: AZ / J. Ruwisch
Photo: R. Ruwisch

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