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DZL- Initiated ILD Registry "EXCITING" Goes Live

News 14-2014 EN

The new DZL- initiated registry for “Exploring Clinical and Epidemiological Characteristics of Interstitial Lung Diseases” (in short “EXCITING”) is now recruiting.

In addition to supporting cutting edge research into ILD, the new ILD register aims to fill current information gaps in epidemiology, health economics and existing clinical practices for ILD patients. The registry data will further improve our knowledge of ILD subtypes in Germany and most importantly contribute to a much improved clinical guideline and prognosis of ILD patients in the long term. The DZL-initiated registry is supported by a number of German Pulmonary Research Associations (BdP, DGP, WATL, ILF, Helmholtz Zentrum), Hospital Pulmonary and Critical Care Departments, as well as an ILD patient support group.

For additional information (in German)  please read more here.

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