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The DZL, together with the German Centers for Health Research (DZG), supports the statement of the Alliance of Science Organizations

The wave of protests against right-wing extremism with demonstrations in many places in Germany has been ongoing for about a month. The trigger was revelations by the investigative center Correctiv about a meeting of radical right-wingers in November.

In this context, the Alliance of Science Organizations has published a statement. We, the German Centers for Health Research, align ourselves with the Alliance's commitment to an open society and a strong democracy, against intolerance and xenophobia.

With around 7,000 participants, the DZG is the largest health research network in Germany. People with diverse backgrounds work in the partner institutions of the DZG. This diversity is an essential prerequisite for the success of research and thus for the best treatment of patients. People in our country must not be marginalized or persecuted.

Below we publish the statement of the Alliance of Science Organizations from February 2, 2024:

For the future viability of our country, we must build on an open society and a strong democracy.

"As the Alliance of Science Organizations, we strongly condemn any form of anti-democratic and inhumane endeavors. We vehemently reject the racist remarks that have become public in recent weeks. These are in no way compatible with the values of our organizations. Together, we clearly oppose them.

The numerous demonstrations throughout Germany impressively demonstrate a strong cohesion in our society. We consider the clear commitment of the many people who visibly stand up for the basic values of our democracy during this time as an enormously encouraging signal.

Because an open society and a strong democracy form the foundation for our future. We are all now called upon to commit ourselves with perseverance and great dedication to maintaining this foundation. There must be no place in Germany for intolerance and xenophobia. Especially science organizations must advocate for an open, reason-guided culture of debate and counteract divisions in society.

To jointly solve the major challenges of our time, we need a wide variety of talents and ideas. This premise applies unreservedly to the entire spectrum of science, from basic research to transfer into economy and society: International talents are an essential pillar of our innovation system. Developing sustainable solutions is only possible through international exchange and with employees and students, many of whom also come from abroad. Therefore, those who exclude or even want to expel people not only act alarmingly inhuman and forgetful of history but also destroy Germany's future viability.

The Alliance of Science Organizations is a consortium of the most important science organizations in Germany. It regularly takes a position on important questions of science policy. The Max Planck Society is a member of the Alliance and has taken on the role of spokesperson for 2024. Other members include the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the German Academic Exchange Service, the German Research Foundation, the Fraunhofer Society, the Helmholtz Association, the German Rectors' Conference, the Leibniz Association, the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, and the Science Council."


For more information: Alliance of Science Organizations

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