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DZL Annual Report 2020 published

News 2021-441 EN

The DZL Annual Report 2020 has been published in German and English and is now available from the Media Center.

Find out exciting details about the outstanding successes of our researchers in 2020, for example about new findings on a possible diagnosis through breath analysis ("Breathomics"), a promising therapeutic approach to curing COPD or the healthy development of the microbiome of the respiratory tract in small children. Experience how promising active ingredients for the inhibition of infections with coronaviruses or the impressive regenerative capacity of the alveoli are being researched. Read how our researchers refined the diagnosis of idiopathic pulmonary hypertension, and were able to better understand the damage to the lungs caused by microthrombi after SARS-CoV-2 infection or the “complicity” of a lung tumor with its surrounding tissue. Find out more about the creation of a high-quality biomaterial collection on lung cancer (p. 23) and how to combat it through individual early detection. Watch with our scientists, how brush cells remove germs from the respiratory tract. The Annual Report also provides an overview of the activities of the DZL in 2020, its organizational structure and other scientific highlights. A limited number of printed copies is available on request from the Central Office.

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