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1st DZL Academy Reception

Inaugural DZL Academy Fellow Reception 2019

The newly elected DZL Academy Fellows 2019. From left to right: Carmela Morrone (CPC-M), Magdalena Szcygieł (TLRC), Svenja Geadcke (BREATH), Sebastian Marwitz (ARCN), Christiana Malainou (UGMLC).

In its first year the newly established DZL Academy recruited 282 Fellows that are to benefit from various programs aimed at supporting careers in respiratory research. On the eve of the DZL Annual Meeting 2019 the DZL Academy Board organized a social gathering to formally welcome Fellows to the Academy.  Prior to the meeting Fellows were invited to take part in a survey to make their views and ideas known about what programs may best benefit their careers. With this initiative the DZL Academy Board wanted to underline their philosophy that the future success of the Academy will very much depend on active Fellow participation in the shaping of the Academy program. This was further communicated during the reception by the official election of Fellow Representatives from each DZL site to the DZL Academy Board by the Fellow Community. For the next two years Sebastian Marwitz (ARCN), Svenja Gaedcke (BREATH), Carmela Morrone (CPC-M), Magdalena Szczygieł (TLRC), and Christina Malainou (UGMLC) will add their voice to the meetings of the DZL Academy Board. After two years on the Board the opportunity to be actively involved in the strategic development of the Academy will be passed on to a new set of Fellow Representatives.

After the more formal aspects of the reception were completed the evening quickly turned into the kind of social gathering that ferments new contacts and networks which is essential for career development.

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