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Niklas Lang

Pulmonary fibrosis at the cellular level - DGP award for young scientist Niklas Lang

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The LHI/CPC-M (Schiller Lab) medical student won 1st prize for his lecture and poster at the German Society of Pneumology and Respiratory Medicine's Autumn Meeting on Cell Biology at the DZL Hannover site (BREATH). Like all prize winners, he will be allowed to present his work again in front of a large audience at the main congress of the DGP in Leipzig in May 2022.

Niklas Lang's project deals with the cellular processes in incurable pulmonary fibrosis. In the first step, the team is recreating the scarring, or fibrosis, of lung tissue in a new human ex vivo model. Then, using single-cell RNA-sequencing, the researchers look closely at what happens in individual, single cells. The ultimate goal is to study the effects of potential drugs on individual cells and thus find new candidates for drug treatment of pulmonary fibrosis.

The still relatively young field of single-cell RNA-sequencing or 'singe cell genomics' allows the simultaneous sequencing of RNA from several thousand individual cells of a tissue or organ. It has led to groundbreaking discoveries in biomedical research in recent years and has revolutionized the understanding of the cellular mechanisms of disease.

Title of the award-winning presentation by Niklas Lang: "Ex vivo modeling of human lung fibrogenesis and drug mode of action screens using scRNA-seq in precision-cut lung slices."


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