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DZL Neonatology Symposium held in Giessen

News 28-2014 EN

More than 150 participants attend DZL Neonatology Symposium in Giessen.

The 2nd Giessen Neonatology Symposium was held at the Justus-Liebig University Giessen on October 10 & 11, 2014.  The theme of this DZL Symposium was “Acute respiratory distress and chronic lung disease of the preterm infant” and was organized by Dr. Harald Ehrhard (Giessen), PD Dr. Anne Hilgendorf (Munich), Dr. Rory Morty (Bad Nauheim), and Professor Dr. Klaus-Peter Zimmer (Giessen).

After an overview on lung research at the DZL UGMLC Center given by Prof. Dr. Werner Seeger (DZL Speaker and Chairman and Director of UGMLC) Giessen District President, Dr. Lars Witteck spoke about the importance of Middle Hessen as a top-notch research and clinical center.     Speakers from leading German and European research centers (including Professor Dr. Saverio Bellusci, Giessen; Dr. Silvia Carraro, Padua; Professor Dr. Anne Greenough, London; Professor Dr. Ludwig Gortner, Homburg; Professor Dr. Matthias Heckmann, Greifswald; Professor Dr. Egbert Herting, Lübeck; PD Dr. Angela Kribs, Köln; Prof. Dr. Philipp Latzin, Basel; Prof. Dr. Matthias Ochs, Hannover; Professor Dr. Irwin Reiss, Rotterdam; PD PD Dr. Esther Rieger-Fackeldey, Münster; Professor Dr. Ulrich Thome, Leipzig; Professor Dr. Dick Tibboel, Rotterdam (alphabetical order))  gave presentations and engaged in a lively exchange with the more than 150 participants.  Speakers and participants were equally enthusiastic about the intense and fruitful discussions and the potential for new collaborations.

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