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DZL Annual Meeting in Bad Nauheim

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DZL Scientists gather in Bad Nauheim for 2013 annual meeting.

2013 DZL Annual Meeting in Bad Nauheim

More than 330 DZL scientists met in Bad Nauheim on January 29 and 30, 2013 for the 2nd Annual DZL Internal Meeting. During a packed two days of meetings, DZL scientists came together to discuss the latest developments in the Disease Areas and Platforms studied by the DZL.  Six members of the DZL International Advisory Board were present to give feedback and advice to the DZL administration, as well as to participate in the judging of the first annual DZL Poster Contest.  During two poster sessions, more than 100 posters were prepared and presented by DZL researchers.  This year's poster award winners were:

  • Elie El Agha - UGMLC
  • Christina Mauritz - BREATH
  • Rafiq Amir - UGMLC
  • Florian Veit - UGMLC
  • Michael Wanzel - UGMLC

The next DZL Annual Meeting will be held in January 2014 in Heidelberg.

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