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25. Juni 2013

Hessen Sozialminister Visits UGMLC

News 5-2013 DE

As part of the state of Hessen's Research Action Weeks program, Hessen Sozialminister Stefan Grüttner paid a visit to the DZL UGMLC site in Giessen.

Hessen Sozialminister, Stefan Grüttner visited the University of Giessen and Marburg Lung Center (UGMLC) in Giessen on June 24, 2013.  UGMLC is one of the five DZL Partner Sites and the location of DZL central office.  UGMLC is also a state of Hessen LOEWE Research Initiative. During his visit, Mr. Grüttner met with several DZL members including the UGMLC chairs Prof. Friedrich Grimminger and Prof. Werner Seeger, Prof. Norbert Weißmann,  Dr. Susanne Herold, Dr. Sylvia Weissmann, and Dr. Megan Grether. Mr. Grüttner visited both lab and hospital facilities, allowing him to experience firsthand the DZL’s translational “bench to bedside” research focus.

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