The DZL Academy Board is committed to the strategic planning and implementation of the several DZL Academy programs. The DZL Academy Board supports the DZL Management Board by monitoring the application and selection process and makes proposals for the use of funds.


Members of the DZL Academy Board

AcademyBoard AntjeBrand 100x100   AcademyBoard JoernBullwinkel 100x100   AcademyBoard DoreenFranke 100x100   AcademyBoard MichaelKreuter 100x100   

    Antje Brand            Jörn Bullwinkel          Doreen Franke       Michael Kreuter  

AcademyBoard SilkeMeiners 100x100   AcademyBoard RoryMorty 100x100   AcademyBoard BirgitTeucher 100x100   AcademyBoard AnneZurawski 100x100

    Silke Meiners           Rory E. Morty           Birgit Teucher      Annegret Zurawski


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